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Black Knot Disease

Black Knot Disease produces rough, black areas that encircle and kill the infested parts, and provide habitat for insects. In Alberta it affects the chokecherry family of trees (primarily Mayday and Schubert trees). Black Knot occurs only on the wood parts of trees, primarily on twigs and branches but can spread to larger limbs and […]

Hiring Professionals for Tree Care and Maintenance

Owning a tree, or a bunch of them, provides a lot of benefits. It beautifies the home with its natural charm, and it can also provide fruits and other resources that can benefit you financially. Trees can thrive in a garden within your home and neighborhood, and you can also own an acreage where you […]

Tree Maintenance for Beauty inside and Out

You might think that maintaining trees within your yard or garden is something that is simple to do. However, if you want to ensure that your tree’s health and beauty is properly maintained, then hiring a professional tree maintenance company like Bow Valley Company can definitely go a long way. What do Bow Valley Tree […]